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This page lists all power stations in Uganda. As of July 2016, according to the Uganda Electricity Generation Company Limited , the national generation capacity stood at 862 megawatts. Uganda expects to have generating capacity of at least 1,681 megawatts by the end of 2020.Get price

Republic of Uganda

plant on the Nile River, a reservoir and a dam with a maximum height of about 30 meters. The World Bank Group support for the project incl udes an IDA Partial Risk Guarantee 10, approved on April 26, 2007 in the amount of up to US$115 million, IFC loans totaling US$130 million, and a MIGA political risk insurance for up to US$115 million.Get price


THE REPUBLIC OF UGANDA Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries Agriculture Sector Strategic Plan 2015/16-2019/20 “Draft” April 2016Get price

Uganda’s National Transport Master Plan

Uganda’s development context Located in East Africa, the Republic of Uganda is a landlocked country bordering South Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It has a total surface area of 241,550 km2, of which about one-fifth is covered with water or swamp.1 In 2016, Uganda’sGet price


In Uganda, about 7.62 million m3 of waste water (sewage) is generated annually and about half of this is in Kampala alone.3 However, collection and treatment of this sewage remains a challenge because the existing treatment plants and technology is very old; and only 10% of Kampala’s central business district is served by the sewerage network.4Get price


UGANDA country report 9 CHAPTER 2 Indigenous Plant Genetic Resources 2.1 FOREST GENETIC RESOURCES Uganda is faced with a problem of high degradation rate of the tropical high forest. By 1,900 there was 10m ha (45% of the country) of forested land, but today there is 3.5 m ha. The following indigenous species are of economic importance and yetGet price


1.6.1 Seed and Plant Act and Regulations 4 1.6.2 Plant Variety Protection Act (2014) 5 1.7 Problem Context 5 1.8 Justification of the Seed Policy 6 2 VISION, MISSION, GOALS AND GUIDING PRINCIPLES 7 2.1 Vision 7 2.2 Mission 7 2.3 Goal 7 2.4 Policy Objectives 7 2.5 Guiding Principles 7 3 POLICY PRIORITY AREAS AND STRATEGIES 9Get price


Mar 23, 2021 · Plant Variety Protection, also called a “plant breeder’s right”, is a form of intellectual property right granted to the breeder of a new plant variety. According to this right, certain acts concerning the exploitation of the protected variety require the prior authorization of the breeder. Plant variety protection is an independent sui generis form of protection, tailored to protect newGet price

Construction on new plant set to begin in Uganda

Construction of the Ateker cement plant is due to begin in Moroto district, Uganda, within the next few weeks, according to the Moroto District Investment Agency. The cement facility will be part of the Karamoja Marble complex, which will also produce lime and marble.Get price

Uganda Fertilizers Suppliers, Imports and Exports

041-4252914. Cooper Uganda Ltd. 41/43 Nasser Road MTK Building 924,Kampala Kampala . 041-4231177, 041-4255389, 077-2410150. Fica Seeds (U) Ltd. 167 Bombo Road Kawempe 34095,Kampala KampalaGet price

Uganda’s Experience on Implementing Plans for Emergence

Uganda has seen a rise in literacy levels now at 72.2% and life expectancy has also risen from 48.1 years in 1991 to 63.3 years in 2014 (a 31.6% increment). Uganda’s overall progress in human development outcomes might not materialize unless the binding constraints in lagging areas are addressed. Some of the key areas to tackle in theGet price

Kampala Waste Water Treatment Plant | UEnergy

Nov 30, 2010 · KAMPALA, UGANDA—I stepped outside an NGO in downtown Kampala and was proverbial smacked with a familiar odor: the smell of a sewage treatment plant. It was not the smell of fresh human waste but rather the more refined smell of sewage aged in the sun for many moons.Get price

Government of Uganda Ministry of Water and Environment

influx especially in Northern Uganda and climate change challenges. As of June 2018, the percentage of Uganda [s rural population with access to safe water is estimated to be 70% which has remained unchanged since June 2017. This implies that with the available resources, we just managed to keep up with the population growth.Get price

Eastern Uganda Grapples with Power Plant Project : NPR

Aug 14, 2008 · Eastern Uganda Grapples with Power Plant Project Although plans for the construction of a $750 million hydropower plant in the Bujagali Falls of Uganda lag behind, many villagers are looking pastGet price

Fertilizer consumption and fertilizer use by crop in Uganda

imported fertilizers to Uganda. 4) Phosphate rock was the most exported product in 2013. In the last 5 years, export quantities from Uganda were highest in 2013 with a total of 633MT. 5) During 2013, Kenya exported to Uganda 13,754 MT of fertilizer, followed by China with 7, 397 MT and least is Norway with 1,791 MT.Get price


Table 1 shows the plants cited in Rukungiri district as being used for food in one way or another. In the table, the term frequency is used to show the number of people that cited a particular plant, out of the 116 households that were interviewed. Only those plants, which were cited by more than three respondents, are tabulated. Some of theGet price

An Overview Of Plant Variety Protection In Uganda

Mar 20, 2020 · The Application can be made in respect of a plant variety which is either bred locally in Uganda or outside Uganda. Joint Applications This is a form of application that can be made where two or more persons are entitled to make an application for plant breederrights in respect of a new variety, whether by reason that they bed the plantGet price


Uganda is a development success story by regional standards, with increasing economic growth and declining poverty. Nevertheless, the country’s economic dependence on agriculture makes it very sensitive to climate variability and change. Uganda is experiencing more frequent and intense droughts than it has historically.Get price

Uganda The seed sector in Uganda - Access to seeds

Law on Plant Variety Protection Plant Variety Protection Act (2014) The seed sector in Uganda The Ugandan government is responsible for developing research capacity, while the private sector carries out seed production, seed processing and marketing. The government also heads up the creation of an enabling environment and oversees regulations.Get price

Characterization of municipal waste in Kampala, Uganda

In Kampala, Uganda, about 28,000 tons of waste is collected and delivered to a landfill every month. Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) records show that this represents approximately 40% of the waste generated in the city. The remaining uncollected waste is normally dumped in unauthorized sites, causing health and environmental problems.Get price

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Analysis of NDVI and Rainfall Variability to determine the plant growing season in Karamoja Region..... 23 Geospatial Assessment of Land and Water Management Options for Enhanced Land Productivity in Mt. Elgon Sub-Get price


Ministry Of Energy And Mineral Development - 2016 Statistical Abstract i A MINISTRY OF ENERGY AND MINERAL DEVELOPMENT 2016 STATISTICAL ABSTRACTGet price


and development. Uganda’s iron ore deposits in the south western region are among the highest quality iron ores in the world. Uganda’s Vision 2040 states that in the first ten (10) years of its implementation, emphasis will be put on the establishment of economic lifeline industries among which is the iron and steel industry.Get price

Country Programme Uganda (2016 - 2020) Standard Project

Nov 11, 2015 · Uganda, Republic of (UG) 5 Country Programme - 200894 The food security situation amongst refugees remains precarious, with ‘acceptable' food consumption scores declining to an average of 40 percent in 2017 from 80 percent in 2016 across all refugee settlements[11].Get price

Maps of Power plants Dams - Uganda Electricity Generation

MAJOR POWER PLANTS. Kiira Power Station The 200MW Kiira Power Station is located in Kimaka, Jinja District in Eastern Central Uganda, also known as Owen Falls Extension. Nalubaale Power Station The 180MW Nalubaale Power Station formerly called Owen falls dam is located along River Nile in Jinja District.Get price

Growth of Uganda’s seed sector exposes major anti-GMO claims

Feb 05, 2019 · Fears about losing “indigenous” varieties, multinational corporate takeovers of the local seed sector and farmers becoming reliant on purchased seed are some of the top propaganda claims that anti-GMO activists raise when trying to block the adoption of genetically modified crops in Uganda and elsewhere in Africa. But an analysis of Uganda’s conventional maize market, …Get price

The Africa Uganda Plants Guide

The Africa Uganda Plants Guide. On this Uganda Plants Guide is where you find info about Useful flora in Uganda; Food crops, Cash crops, Trees, Medicines, Shrubs , grasses, fruits, vegetable and flowers growing in Africa.Get price


pre-plant weeded immediately before the expected planting time (preferably early in the rainy season). 8. Regularly check with the nursery the state of development of the plants so that land preparation and pre-plant weed control etc. is coordinated 1. 9. When taking delivery of the trees, be prepared to reject seedlings that do notGet price

Ambitious reforestation project will plant 3 million trees in

Ambitious reforestation project will plant 3 million trees in Uganda October 10, 2020 October 10, 2020 Adnan Aftab 0 Comments Successful efforts of reforestation and wildlife conservation typically go hand in hand with involving local communities in the process.Get price

Increasing Capacity of Smallholder Farmers to Produce and

• Uganda Christian University, Mukono (Michael Masanza, 8 interns) • The Rural Agency for Sustainable Development in Nkokonjeru (Sam Mwebe, Ignitius Bwoogi, Edith Nagenda) • World Food Logistics Organization (Lisa Kitinoja w/Diane Barrett)Get price